Camping at Binna Burra Lodge: A Day Exploring Binna Burra Hiking Trails

Binna Burra Lodge

On this recent trip to Binna Burra, I decided to explore some Binna Burra hiking trails and film two hikes in the one day to create a longer video then usual. I incorporate a brief tent setup scene in the middle of the video to ‘split’ the two hikes (sunrise and sunset) and help develop a storyline.

binna burra gold coast

The rainforest along the start of the Caves Track from Binna Burra.

I kicked off the day early on the first of two Binna Burra hiking trails I had planned for the day, aiming to catch the sunrise from Yangahla Lookout with views over Kurraragin Valley and Egg Rock (known as Kurraragin in the Yugambeh language). Unfortunately I missed it, even after running through the rainforest in the dark for about an hour, but the location was still worth the early rise. At the Lookout, I made Nasi Goreng for breakfast and brewed some coffee – a simple but fulfilling start to the day.

binna burra gold coast

Breakfast on Yangahla Lookout

binna burra gold coast

binna burra gold coast

The views over Kurraragin Valley and Egg Rock from Yangahla Lookout.

Afterwards, I made my way back down to Binna Burra to setup camp and prepae for the second of the Binna Burra hiking trails I had planned for today. The afternoon’s plan was a hike on the Caves Circuit, perfectly timed to watch the sunset over the Darlington range. The view didn’t disappoint. I also managed to get a great drone shot I was very happy with at the Kweebani Cave. The side pan shot shows the Kweebani Cave entrance glowing red from the sunset, and then the rays of sunlight flickering through the Eucalyptus trees just moments before dipping below the Darlington Range.

binna burra gold coast

Setting up camp at the ‘Rainforest Campsite’ at Binna Burra Lodge.

The trek back in the dark was a bit more challenging than I anticipated. My headlight was nearly out of battery, and I almost had to resort to using my phone’s light. A lesson learned: always check your batteries before heading out, even if you recently charged them.

By 7pm, I was back at camp, preparing a freeze-dried pasta meal and unwinding with a cup of tea. With a full day behind me and an early start the next day for my drive to Brisbane, I decided to call it a night.

AllTrails Map:

Caves Track

Lower Bellbird Circuit

Watch the Video here.

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