Breathtaking Bunya Mountains: Solo Camping Adventure at Burton’s Well

falcon captured with zoom lens

I recently headed up to Burton’s Well in the Bunya Mountains for my first solo overnight camping trip. After a 4-hour drive from Brisbane, I setup camp in the afternoon at the Burton’s Well camping ground and then walked up to the Mount Kiangarow lookout to watch the sunset and capture some drone footage. After dinner I got into the tent early to escape the storm and catchup with work on the laptop. I had heard that there is a pack of dingoes that live in the Bunya Mountains National, and aroung midnight I could hear their howls carry across the forest as they hunted for food. Ocassionaly I could hear them capture a small animals (which sounded like wild pigs).

bunya mountains hiking trails bunya mountains hiking trails

After a restless night’s sleep (mostly due to the dingo howls in the distance and the one that visited the campsite around 2am), I enjoyed a couple of (much needed) cups of coffee and watched the wildlife around the campsite.  One of the great things about this campsite is the amount of bird life and the low cloud cover that weaves its way through the trees and over the grassy open areas early in the morning. Around 6am I headed out onto the Burton’s Well to Westcott camp site trail which takes you through dry rainforest and out to the exposed mountain ridge with great views of the valleys and plains from the scenic lookouts, including Bottle Tree Bluff, Ghinghion and Cherry Plain. I took the Westcott camp site route at the final intersection along the trail and then headed back along the road to Burton’s Well. At the last lookout along the route my drone was chased by a bird of prey, which you can see at the end of the video below.

bunya mountains hiking trails

A young Falcon captured with my new Nikkor zoom lens.

According to a plaque near the campsite, Burtons’ Well was dug during 1901-1902 drought by local teamsters Bob Burton and his brother George to water their horse and bullock teams. Burton family descendants still live in the area. Water from the well was also used for road construction and by other visitors up to the 1970s.

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AllTrails Map

Cherry Plain to Burtons Well Track

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