Flinders Peak Hiking Trail & Views of Scenic Rim

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I have been wanting to add another camping trip to my series of silent hiking videos, so after a bit of research I found a decent trail (Flinders Peak hiking trail) with a campground nearby that I could spend the night.

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The temperature dropped to 1 degrees celcius and although I didn’t have any winter camping gear, the campground allowed you to park your car next to your tent, so I was able to bring several extra blankets to compensate for my cheap 10 (degrees celcius rated) sleeping bag.

flinders peak hiking trail

The Hardings Paddock campground and Flinders Plum Picnic Area (the Flinders Peak trailhead) are part of the Goolman conservation estate. The conservation estate is over 2,200 hectares in area and supports extensive forests and rugged volcanic peaks and slopes including Flinders Peak, Mt Blaine, Mt Catherine and Mt Goolman.

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The Flinders Peak hike was approx. 6km return trip which took approx. 4 hours to complete (with film stops and coffee at the peak). The track starts out quite easy with a couple of flat sections before arriving to the bottom of the climb.

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The actual climb is quite steep with lots of rock hopping and rock scrambling required. In the scene above, I had to climb this section three times with the camera secured in various positions at the top an bottom of the rock scramble section.

flinders view peak hiking trail

When you arrive to the top you are rewarded with spectacular views of the Scenic Rim, Fassifern Valley and Lamington plateau.

flinders peak hiking track

I was fortunate enough to spot a solo brush-tailed rock wallaby on climbing an almost vertical section of rock wall, and a Peregrine Falcon chasing another bird. This was also the reason I didn’t include a lot of drone footage from the Peak of the climb.

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