Exploring the Aquila Loop in D’Aguilar National Park

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Last weekend, I embarked on a challenging yet invigorating adventure along the Aquila Loop hiking trail, leading up to Queensland’s majestic Northbrook Mountain in D’Aguilar National Park. Covering a total distance of 28km over ten hours (including filming time), my journey began from Miala car park at Mount Glorious and culminated at the peak of Northbrook Mountain, which is nestled at an elevation of approximately 720m at the Northbrook Mountain remote bushcamp.

Ascending the Aquila Loop hiking trail, I relished the opportunity to engage with diverse landscapes and embrace the tranquility of the surroundings. The first leg of my hike brought me to the summit of Northbrook Mountain, where I was greeted by breathtaking views that were well worth the climb. The descent was equally memorable, leading me to the serene England Creek remote bushcamp. Here, beside the creek, I filmed my first cooking segment, adding a unique twist to the hiking video I was producing. This segment was particularly special as it showcased my culinary skills in the midst of nature.

Navigating through the Aquila Loop, the diversity of the terrain tested my endurance and creativity, especially as I aimed to produce a silent hiking film that captured the essence of this trail, characterized mainly by its fire trail and consistent forest types. The natural rain that day enhanced the visual and auditory experience, enriching the natural colors and sounds of the trail, making for a more engaging film.

hiking trails in brisbane

The latter half of the hike proved to be a rigorous ascent, particularly challenging during the midday heat. However, the intermittent rain provided a refreshing respite. Along this stretch of the Aquila Loop hiking trail, I encountered an array of Australian birdlife, including King Parrots, Crimson Rosellas, Eagles, and Red-Browed Finches, each adding a vibrant note to the rich tapestry of the hike.

hiking trails in brisbane

Reflecting on the day spent exploring the Aquila Loop hiking trail up to Northbrook Mountain, the experience was not only a physical journey but also a profound personal exploration. It underscored the beauty and diversity of Queensland’s landscapes and reinforced my passion for hiking and nature filmmaking.

Watch the Video here.

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Watch the Video here.

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