Coomera Circuit: A Rainy Day-Hike Adventure

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[vc_row disable_background_image=””][vc_column][vc_column_text]Although once awarded the ‘second best day walk in Australia’, by Australian Geographic magazine in 2010, the Coomera Circuit sits in number one position as my favourite day-hike.

coomera falls gold coastI had been wanting to film this ‘very wet’ 17.5km hike ever since I started hiking in the Gold Coast hinterland, but I needed to wait until the just the right amount of rain had passed through the area. When the water is flowing too heavily, the waterfalls look like water jets, and the sound is too loud for a peaceful (video) viewing experience, and difficult to hear the music added in editing.

I completed a ‘trial’ hike of the circuit in February to seek out some nice compositions and get an idea of just how many waterfall scenes I could incorporate into a video of this circuit. Around two weeks after some heavy rain (lasting 2-3 days), I head back up the mountain to shoot this circuit early in the morning. The water levels were just right, and the forest was still saturated from an overnight shower which boosted the contrast of the colours within the rainforest.

hiking creeks

The circuit highlights some of the National Parks best assets (waterfalls and animal life), with approximately 9 waterfalls to be experienced along the track and plenty more creek crossings. I saw around 18 blue of the Lamington spiny crayfish which can only be found in this part of Australia, 1000m above sea level.

The turn-off for the Coomera Circuit track starts 1.9km along the Boarder Track from Binna Burra which begins in subtropical and warm temperate rainforest communities, and then drops down into a valley through a giant brush box forest before reaching the Coomera Falls lookout.

Towards the end of the hike, it started pouring rain, which was what I was hoping for, as it helped add interest to the end of the video when heading back along the undulating Boarder Track to Binna Burra. The clouds hung low throughout the day which added a dark and moody element to the aerial footage which I shot from the Joala Lookout along the East side of the Mountain.

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Coomera Circuit Walk

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