A Scenic Lakeside Walk on the Forgan Cove Hikng Trail

A couple of weeks ago while staying at my brother’s house for a few days I got a chance to head back out with the camera and make another cinematic hiking film. Opting for a shorter hike, I headed up to the Forgan Cove Hikng Trail along Lake Samsonvale in north Brisbane.

Nestled amidst the charming suburbs of Petrie, Joyner, and Warner, Forgan Cove is a great day-use area for nature enthusiasts seeking a picturesque escape.

Forgan Cove boasts unspoiled vistas, where the shimmering waters of Lake Samsonvale create a captivating backdrop.

Morning hike at sunrise

In the video you will be able to spot D’Aguilar National Park and the Glass House Mountains in the distance which makes a great background in the aerial scenes. 

The lake has a staggering count of 135 bird species, including the enchanting Yellow-faced Honeyeater, the majestic Australian Pelican, and many more. I would love to come back to this trail with a zoom lens one day to capture some of these birds close-up.

On the day I managed to get a few on film including the Zebra Finch, Swallow and Eastern Great Egret. The circuit was a approx. 5km in length.

hiking trails north brisbane

An aerial view over Lake Samsonvale with the Glass House Mountains in the background.

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The AllTrails Map Forgan Cove Trail

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